Ultimate Carpet Cleaning Solution For Your Home And Office

Office carpet cleaning is necessary to create a hygienic and healthy work environment by eliminating contaminants like dirt, dust, grime, and mildew. Lack of regular cleaning creates a buildup of pollutants that can cause health problems for employees and customers. But regular cleaning is tedious and time-consuming.

Imagine having spotless carpets that continually look new and fresh all year round: no more dirt build-up and no more embarrassing stains for your clients to witness. You can enjoy a clean, healthy working environment with Action Janitorial’s carpet cleaning services in Crown Point.

We understand that your carpet is the standard for cleanliness in your office. From stain removal to detailed cleaning and polishing, we ensure to keep your carpets clean and beautiful. Call us today to learn more about how our carpet cleaners can make a difference for your company.

Common Carpet Cleaning Mistakes When You Try DIY

Many business owners hire local cleaners or try to clean their carpets by themselves to save some bucks. No matter how many tutorials you watch, perfection comes from professional experience. Carpet cleaning companies use specialized equipment such as vacuums and carpet steam cleaners to achieve the desired results. You don’t probably have those in your workspace. Careless blunders can lead to voiding your carpet’s warranty as well. Here are some common mistakes you can avoid by counting on Action Janitorial.

  • Excessive wetting of the carpet leads to longer drying time and fungal growth.
  • Improper formulation of carpet cleaning solutions.
  • Not knowing what solutions to use. 
  • Not knowing how long to place a steam cleaner at a point. 
  • Using bleach or brighteners that destroy the fibers and make them look matted.
  • Drying for too long results in discoloration.  

If you want a stain-free carpet without any fuss or mess, let us do the work!

How Action Janitorial Can Save The Day

Why spend extra money on new carpets when you can extend their life with Action Janitorial. We are the ones to call when searching for affordable carpet cleaning near you in Crown Point, IN. No reason to settle for anything less when you can get the best!

We understand that you can’t disrupt your business operations, so we provide our services outside your office hours. We’ll do the job either before or after hours for zero work disturbance. Our carpet cleaning services are designed to give your office a fresh and pristine look, for which we use specialized techniques. We offer pet stain and odor removal for offices that allow pets, along with mildew and fungal treatments for poorly shaped carpets.

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We Are Specialists In Cleaning Carpets

You can’t afford to take any risks when you pay someone to perform a specific job for your company. Rely on our professional carpet cleaners to carry out all your carpet cleaning needs efficiently. Our specialists are trained to the highest standards with decades of experience under their belts. We use different carpet cleaning methods after a detailed inspection of your carpets’ condition.

  • Carpet steam cleaning
  • Carpet dry cleaning
  • Shampooing 
  • Carpet polishing

Dirty carpets make for a grubby-looking office. You don’t want it, do you? We offer an easy way to get rid of all the stains and dirt from your carpets once and for all. Our carpet steam cleaning process will make your carpets fresh, clean, and feel new again. We use the best cleaning agents and give them time to break the stains and dirt buildup. After that, the actual hot water extraction process comes into play, leaving the carpets spotless.

Dry carpet cleaning, also referred to as absorbent compound cleaning, is when an absorbent compound is used to bind and then break all the dirt buildup without excessive water use. If you want your office carpets cleaned in the nick of time, Action Janitorial has the best team of carpet dry cleaners.

We are skilled at using conventional and contemporary methods if that is what it takes to satisfy your needs. We use a high-quality foaming substance and work it into the carpet with the help of a brush machine. This method is perfect for odor removal and giving a fresh new look to the carpet. We ensure your carpet is completely dried up before it is ready for foot traffic again.

Polishing is needed when you need to clear up the surface and enhance the pattern of the carpets. At Action Janitorial, we have specialized tools and machines to get the work done in no time. The carpet polishing tool works similar to a beard trimmer with a sucking function to ensure a seamless finishing without disturbing the fibers.

Making Your Carpets Look Fresh & Clean

At Action Janitorial, we take pride in maintaining the highest standard of quality. We combine experienced technicians with professional-grade products to ensure your office carpets are left in better condition than when we arrived. Our friendly professionals are dedicated to maintaining the beauty of your carpets by utilizing alternative green techniques that are safe for your employees. Our goal is to leave your business clean & fresh with more than just a spotless carpet, but also one that will smell great! Call us today for a free estimate – we’re ready to meet all your cleaning needs!

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Our Cleaning Process

We clean and treat your carpets with an environmentally friendly deep-down cleaning process. With our carpet and rug cleaners, you’ll get a higher quality of service. By utilizing the latest cleaning techniques, eco-friendly products, powerful vacuums, and an eye toward detail, our goal is always to attain perfection.

We follow a detailed step-by-step process to ensure that the best-quality result is attained. Our expert carpet cleaners will inspect the condition to decide on the cleaning method to use. Along with that, you’ll also get the estimated cost of the job. To remove the dirt and dust, we’ll pre-vacuum the carpet thoroughly. 

We’ll apply carpet cleaning agents and conditioners to break the buildup according to the cleaning method you need. We use specialized green solutions for pet stains, coffee stains, and odor removal. With the help of a rotatory extraction system, the rest of the soil buildup will be extracted from the carpet. After that, we’ll rinse the carpet thoroughly without over-wetting it. Special treatment is provided for stubborn stains, after which we’ll speed dry the carpets.

How Much Does It Cost To Get Your Office Carpet Cleaned?

The average cost to clean an office carpet professionally ranges between $0.15 and $0.20 per square foot. The estimated cost depends on the area of the room where the carpets are installed.

How Often Should Office Carpets Be Shampooed?

You should consider shampooing your office carpets after every 6 to 12 months, depending on the foot traffic it handles. If your office has a lot of employees or frequent visitors, you may need regular cleaning after every three to six months.

Which Is Better Steam Or Chemical Carpet Cleaning?

The chemical solution used in dry-chem carpet cleaning reaches only the surface level. However, carpet steam cleaning is a more lucrative method to use because it penetrates the deepest layers of your carpets.

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