Premium Floor Waxing & Polishing In Crown Point, IN

With the holiday season approaching, you’re likely busy putting the final touches on maintaining your facility. As a business owner, you want your new customers and employees to step on shiny and sparkling floors. Don’t you? Say goodbye to the dull-looking old floors of your facility and leave everyone impressed with the best floor waxing in Crown Point, IN.

Action Janitorial is here to treat your floors with matchless quality and a second to none service. We bring your dream of a glass-like floor to reality. We offer a comprehensive range of floor waxing services, whether sealing a floor, putting on a new coating or simply polishing one up. No job is too big or too small for us to handle. When you need to enjoy walking on crystal-like glossy floors, feel free to call us!

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When Do You Need Floor Waxing and Installation

Winter is just around the corner, and it is the best time to bring back the original sheen of your facility’s floors. The best time to strip and wax your floors is before winter starts. The biggest mistake most business owners make is to opt to revamp their floors during the winters. Due to the cold weather, the wax takes extra time to dry and crack or peel. Harmful chemicals also track down the floors during the drying process. If your office or commercial building floors show any of the following signs, you’ll know it is time to strip and wax them.

  • Scratching and scuffing
  • Floor discoloration due to UV lights
  • Blotchiness
  • Long time intervals between stripping floors

Let Us Make Your Floors A Masterpiece!

The flooring of your building or office facility plays a crucial role in making or breaking your business image. The first contact your employees and clients make with your company is visual. If the place isn’t aesthetic enough to please them, it can affect your overall image. Let us help you make an everlasting impression on your visitors and clients with our floor waxing service in Crown Point, IN.

We specialize in meeting all your floor waxing and refinishing needs. We have a team of trained professionals having years of experience in waxing, striping, and polishing natural stone floors, polished concrete floors, distressed wood floors, ceramic tile floors, and stone or cork floors. We use advanced equipment to make dull, unsightly floors look brand new with a streak-free shine! We promise to transform your floors from dull to beautiful at an unbelievable rate.

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Our Floor Waxing Process

As experts, we know that creating a shiny-clean polished floor takes experience, time, and the right techniques. That is why we pay special attention to details and follow a detailed floor waxing procedure.

Commercial floor striping is needed when the floor already has a lot of wax coats. Our flooring technicians will first clear out the area by removing floor mats or other items. Then, they will cover the adjoining areas to protect them from the striping solution. After cleaning the floors, we will apply our ready-to-use striping solutions for a quick removal of the old wax coats. After the wax breaks down, we’ll use auto floor scrubbers to squeegee off all the solution.

The floors are thoroughly cleaned and dried after striping. The next step is to apply the first layer of waxing finish. Because we are accustomed to dealing with large-scale floor waxing projects, we never miss a corner. We’ll start from a thin layer across the floor and let it dry. To get the perfect shiny finish, we repeat the process thrice, making it a three-layered waxing.

Depending on the type of your floors, we’ll buff and polish to give them a long-lasting gleam. We use commercial-grade buffers, and high-quality floor polishes to bring back the lost luster of your floors. 

We want your floors to be clean, shining, and presentable at all times. Rest assured, we will never slack off when it comes to making your floors exquisite!

Quality That Will Floor You!

The floors in businesses with high foot traffic, such as hotels, restaurants, and offices, need to be kept in pristine condition. This ensures that customers are welcomed into a clean environment, which reflects well on the business. Action Janitorial aims to make your business stand out by providing you with impeccable floor waxing solutions.

We believe your facility’s floor is the first thing people set their foot and eye on. Let us take your business to new heights by making your floors shine like a diamond. We use eco-friendly floor waxes, sealers, and polishes that work best on any floor. Our products are free from harmful toxins and VOCs to get a sustainable finishing coat. No matter if the floors are porous, cracked, or chipped, we can handle it!

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Affordable Harwood Floor Waxing in Crown Point, IN

It can be tempting to cut corners and save a buck here and there, but not when it comes to the floors in your business premises because it could spell disaster for your customers and employees. Trust Action Janitorial with your flooring needs. Our established company offers an affordable waxing service tailored to your business, so your customers and employees can enjoy a clean building. We give your floors a boost by polishing them and applying protective coatings. It ensures that they keep looking bright and clean for a long time. All this without breaking your budget. Restoring floors to their original beauty is what we do best!

How long does waxed floors last?

The time of the floor wax depends on the type you have used. Liquid wax coats last only for one to two years, whereas sold wax coats can easily last up to 5 years with proper maintenance. 

How soon can you walk on a waxed floor?

Although 72 hours are recommended to let the floors dry properly, you can wait for at least 8 hours before opening the facility to the public. The lesser foot traffic there is, the better the floor will cure. 

How much does floor waxing costs in Crown Point, IN?

The average cost of floor waxing in Crown Point, IN is from $1.00 to $2.00 per square foot. The final quote depends on the size of the room or hall where you want the waxing to be done.

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