Wooden floors look elegant, classy, and ever so reliable. But they require just as much cleaning effort as other types of flooring, if not more. You must have all the right supplies and make the texture look spotless and shiny. But the usual cleaning techniques won’t suffice; we must wax, buff, and polish our wooden floors to maintain their appeal and functionality. In this blog, we will share some vital and easy tips on waxing and polishing your wooden floors without an expert’s help! So, are you ready to learn? Let’s begin!

Gather the Supplies 

Collect all the materials you will need to execute the process from start to finish; here’s what should be on your list:

  • Wood-centered floor Cleaner or a mild detergent 
  • Soft broom for dust, or you can also use a vacuum 
  • Mopping tools 
  • Wood floor wax, available in either a paste or liquid 
  • Lint-free mop that doesn’t leave any residue 
  • Buffer or polisher designed for floors
  • Wax applicator and buffing clothes 

These supplies will help you prepare and manage all relevant activities moderately. Moreover, these supplies are commonly available and will be easy to find in stores or online.

Clean the Targeted Area

You need an equal distribution of the force and material across your floor. Not even a spot should remain covered as it could stand out and dampen the overall shine of the surrounding floor. So, our first step is to clear the area and remove anything on the floor occupying space.
Once you have cleared the space, it’s time to sweep or vacuum the area to eliminate any mites or grime that could resist or delay the waxing or buffing. Grab your preferred cleaning item and get to work. The more clean a space is, the more likely it is to hold the polish and wax. Mopping can be a good idea, too, but it could add moisture to the wood for some regions, altering the process, so be careful with what you choose to clean with. Experts usually suggest using a wood-friendly mixture that perfectly matches the requirements and cleans with zero to minimal damage. 

Choose and Test the Wax

There are many types of wood flooring, and the waxes are suggested based on the wood type, for instance:

  • Hardwood flooring is usually cleaned by using Polyurethane
  • Engineered wood floors require either Polyurethane or Aluminum Oxide 
  • Bamboo flooring needs either the above two or a bamboo-finish wax
  • Cork flooring requires need either Polyurethane or wax
  • Pine flooring needs an oil-based finish or wax
  • Exotic hardwood floors can be waxed through Polyurethane or a specialized hardwood wax 

As we can see, most of these substances rely on Polyurethane; however, the difference lies in dilution and application.
After selecting the type of wax for your floor, you can conduct a patch test by putting on a small spot and see whether it works. This test will indicate the effectiveness and results. If successful, you can go through with the rest of the area; if not, you can scrap it for a different kind. 

Apply it and Let it Dry

Apply the wax in small sections. Putting a small amount in the area and spreading it across the floor in straight swipes ensures equal application. Carefully rub it into the floor as per the wax manufacturer’s instructions or the angle mentioned above. Cover the entire floor using this method with wide and straight strokes. You can use either a buffer or a mop to apply it carefully.
You can allow the wax to dry according to the instructed timing, but the usual duration is between 20 to 30 minutes. Once the floor has dried, you can get to the next step, buffing.

Buff and Polish

You buff the floor out in the same manner as you apply the wax. You can also use a brush to buff it out; this will take less effort than using a mop or cloth to buff. Remember that the more shine you need, the more you need to buff and polish the floor. You would have to do it in layers if you need more shine. Wait for one layer to dry before you start rubbing another layer on top of it.

Maintenance Tips 

Repetition of waxing and buffing isn’t necessary unless your floors lose their shine. Be sure to clean properly and remove any sticky or dusty messes from the floor. You should have a cleaning solution that doesn’t strip off the wax and contains mild chemicals to clean effectively. The more a floor is used, the more easily the wax will wear down, so if you need a period, check up on the floors every 3 to 6 months. 

If you want to get your wooden floors waxed and polished, contact the experts at Action Janitorial. We specialize in waxing and polishing near Crownpoint and surrounding areas. Visit our website and get in touch now!

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