Commercial bathrooms are more than just public places where germs spread. Their cleanliness is the first thing your business clients, customers, and partners will notice when they visit your company’s premises. That is why they must be properly cleaned at all times. When you consider the volume of traffic, it is no wonder why cleaning commercial bathrooms are different from residential bathrooms. Traffic ebbs and flows when it comes to commercial spaces, which means that keeping your bathrooms as clean as possible can help stave off any nasty build-ups. If you want your commercial restrooms and bathrooms to shine consistently, here is what you need to know:

Frequency Of Cleaning

The frequency at which you clean your bathrooms depends on the amount of traffic they get. If you have many employees or customers coming in and out, it may be necessary to clean them several times throughout the day. One way to help with this issue is by setting up a cleaning schedule. At least once a day, the toilets and sinks need to be cleaned thoroughly, along with the floors. The mirrors should be cleaned every other day, and soap dispensers should be refilled daily. Weekly cleaning should include wiping down walls, washing stall doors, and checking for cracks in porcelain fixtures.

Using The Right Cleaning Supplies

The first step in cleaning a commercial bathroom is gathering all your cleaning supplies and equipment. You’ll have to make certain that you have all of the right tools when it comes down to cleaning commercial bathrooms. This includes detergents, papers towels, bathroom cleaners, dustpans, toilet brushes, buckets, rags, mops, and more. Having these things on hand at all times will ensure that the bathroom is properly cleaned from top to bottom

Proper Scrubbing Technique

To ensure that every corner of the restroom is stain-free, you need to use the right scrubbing technique. The best way is to dry sweep first and then wet scrub. You can wet scrub the areas that are hard to reach with a toilet brush or mop. Spray your cleaner on the stains and let it stay for 15 minutes before you start scrubbing. Use a toothbrush for areas behind the sink or between the tiles. 

Pay Special Attention To The Floor Tiles

Bathroom floor cleaning is extremely important because of the contaminants tracked into a bathroom through foot traffic. Dirt, stains, and debris such as toilet paper and hair can make the floors look untidy. Sweep away the litter with a brush during every cleaning break and mop the floor with disinfecting spray daily. This way, the bathroom will shine and smell better all day long. 

Disinfection Is A Must!

It’s important to use antibacterial sprays on all surfaces, including seats, counters, walls, floors, and urinals. This will keep bacteria away from these places and make them safer for workers and visitors in the building. Ensure toilets are flushed before cleaning them to avoid splashback from bacteria and germs. Also, you need to disinfect toilet bowls by scrubbing them inside using a toilet brush and toilet cleaners. Then, polish the exterior of toilets using bathroom cleaning products like foam sprayers, wipes, or paper towels dipped into water mixed liquid soap solution. 

Plumbing And Fixtures

Plumbing is another area that needs regular attention during routine bathroom cleaning sessions. This includes checking drains for slow flow, ensuring that there are no clogs or blockages present in pipes, ensuring that toilets flush properly, ensuring that faucets run well, and checking for leaks or other problems in the plumbing system. A natural cleaner can be used to remove soap scum, hard water stains, and other dirt build-ups from faucets and showers. Scrub the fixtures and remove any mold or mildew in the corners of showers or around faucets and drains. Rinse them well, so there are no residues left behind.

Cleaning The Sink

The sink is one of the dirtiest parts of any commercial bathroom and needs to be thoroughly cleaned every time someone uses it. You can use an all-purpose cleaner to clean all around the faucet and then spray it with some glass cleaner regularly to keep it clean in between uses.

Don’t Forget The Mirrors

When cleaning commercial bathrooms, mirrors are often overlooked. However, this can leave a negative impact on the visitors. Bathroom mirrors are an important part of bathroom aesthetics. They should be cleaned frequently to avoid the build-up of hard water spots, streaks, and dirt. A clean bathroom mirror is an essential part of any clean bathroom. Not only does it make the bathroom look tidy, but it also makes it more sanitary. Keep the bathroom mirrors streak-free at all times. 


The odor of a public bathroom can be almost unbearable if the restroom is not kept up with. Some public restrooms can have a terrible odor that will turn potential customers off from using or coming back to your establishment. Deodorizing a bathroom is a must when it comes to keeping your commercial bathroom clean.

Staying Organized Helps

Replace towels, soap, and hand sanitizer as needed. Your bathroom should always be fully stocked with these items so that customers don’t feel like they have to ask for them. Provide extra towels so that customers won’t need to ask. Have a trash can close by so that customers can easily dispose of used towels without having to leave a mess on the countertop or floor. Keep trash cans empty and clean out litter around them.

In Conclusion

If maintaining the cleanliness of your commercial bathrooms is getting too much for you, consider hiring a couple of extra hands to help. Of course, the best way to ensure that your bathrooms are spick and span is to get a professional cleaning crew in once in a while to clean your bathroom. Janitors at Action Janitorial have the equipment and the expertise to get things done right every time. Their comprehensive bathroom cleaning services will keep your restrooms in a sanitary and fresh condition.

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